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All You Need To Know About Crane Manufacturing In India

Cranes are mechanical lifting devices that are composed of wire ropes, winders and sheaves. They can be used for lifting as well as moving heavy materials from one place to another. These machines make use of a mechanical advantage to move loads that are otherwise too heavy to lift with normal human capacity. Different types of cranes, such as hoist crane, gantry crane, jib crane, EOT crane, etc are used in the transportation, manufacturing and construction industries for carrying out a wide range of purposes.

India is one of the leading crane manufacturers in the world and is known for producing different types of heavy duty cranes that are used for performing various functions. The crane units that are made in India are not only used in our own country but also transported to numerous other countries in the world. By lifting heavy weights and moving them easily from one place to another, they make it easier to carry out complex tasks and also help in saving a lot of time.

One of the types of cranes that are made in India and are widely popular across the whole world is the EOT crane. The EOT cranes are heavy duty cranes that can lift weights of 200 tons and above. They are available in mainly two models, i.e. the single girder EOT cranes and the double girder EOT cranes. EOT crane manufacturer in India offers various types of EOT cranes which are used in numerous manufacturing industries. They are quite useful in terms of hoisting and lowering of large, heavy loads as well as for moving heavy materials right, left, reverse or forward. Almost all leading crane manufacturers in India develop these cranes, which mean that you can get plenty of options when you need to buy them. Both mass produced and custom made cranes are available for high end uses.