What Are the Potential Risks during the Heights

There are many Crane Companies in India, but very few of them follow Health & Safety Guidelines. The guidelines help construction industry know about the potential risks that may occur at the workplace and how they can be prevented. What are the potential risks during the working hours at height? Well, this blog will tell you. Read below to know about the risks a worker should be aware of.


It is very dangerous to look at. Imagine how horrifying it must be for the workers who sit on the heights with the help of temporary structure made up of woods, or other strong material to perform tasks like, wall paint, cement, or cleaning glasses. The more heightened building is, the more risk of life becomes.

Electrical Safety

Before workers are moved up, make sure power is switched off from the main meter. Avoid current conducting instruments, or items. Also, make sure scaffolds, ladders are at least 10 feet away from the power lines.

Floor and Wall Opening

Toe boards, and guardrails are the safest options one should implement during the floor works.

Elevated Surface

Put appropriate signs of danger and warning at the work location, so that workers and visitors stay aware of the potential risks. Quality elevators and at least 48 inches above from the surface. There should be a permanent path for entry and exit to the work location, which is safe.

Note: Many Crane Manufacturers in India claim to be the best manufacturers, but eventually there product fails to impress. Be sure you choose someone after reading past customers’ experiences with their services.

Hazard Communication

Give audible communication devices to the workers or a set of people on the work location so that they can inform the supervisor immediately about the hazard.

Extra tips: Read the Organization Health and Safety guidelines in order to create awareness among the workers.

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